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Data analysis nominal codes and tags

We are trying to analyse the data of our purchase invoices to tidy up project tagging prior to analysing the projects. The report I need is all un-tagged General Purchases.

Is it possible to run a report or export data that includes the nominal code or category of a purchase as well as it’s tag, and preferably also info such as supplier, date, invoices description?
On the ‘show all purchases’ page I have exported all the data (50 lines at a time is quite limiting too by the way) and it has the tags and everything is good but no nominal code or category. Am I missing something? In the reports under chart of accounts I can get all invoices under General Purchases but not the tags data.
I don’t want to waste time trying to find/create a report that isn’t technically possible.


The problem is that one purchase can be split across more than one nominal code (e.g. from Makro I buy mostly general purchases - goods for sale - but occasionally stationery as well - thermal rolls for the card machine), so “the” nominal code for a purchase isn’t necessarily well defined. You’ll probably have to cross reference in Excel or similar between the nominal ledger export and the purchases export.

thank you @ian_roberts, will give that a go in excel. Appreciate the advice.

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