Data export - Description issue

I’ve noticed that the description that downloads to Excel is always the first one on the invoice.

So if I have an invoice that consists of multiple items that I’ve booked to multiple categories, the first description is picked.
This caused me to go back and check the PIs when I downloaded the FA additions nominal and saw descriptions for “mileage” in it. The PI was for expenses - the first item was mileage and the (say 4th) was the capex that I had in fact correctly booked to FAs.

Just a bit annoying. Maybe it’s something that could be looked at at some point?


It’s a CSV file so it can’t display multiple lines of an invoice for a single invoice record. It’s two dimensional data, i.e. rows + columns.

To get that information out you would need to use the API and call the Invoice_Get method. This would output to structured XML.

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