Data Export into an excel fine not CVS


I’m trying to do some reports for my manager and I def need profit and loss report in the excel file ant not CVS.

Does anyone please know how to change the file extension so I can download the quick file report into my computer in excel?

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Cristina :slight_smile:

Hi @Cristina

While we don’t provide the option of an export to Excel, CSV is a compatible format and can be opened using software such as Excel.

If you wanted it in Excel format, you can open it, go to File > Save As, and select the Excel file type (either .xls or .xlsx).

Hope that helps!

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Thank you Mathew,

It did work in a sense (the excel file was there but the formatting was all a mismatch)

You mentioned that quickfile doesn’t offer export directly into excel but when my manager explained the other day how he would like his report done he quickly downloaded into excel file and not CVS!!

That’s the only downside to CSV files. Unlike Excel, they don’t save any styling - it’s just data, which is what makes them portable and easy to use between different software packages.

I’m not sure where your manager would have downloaded the file from, but we don’t offer any Excel exports. In all cases of data export, it’s CSV files due to their portability.

Excel is a proprietory format, there is no guarantee that anything created by a third party such as Quickfile will be compatible across all versions. You don’t get a chance to test a new version until it is released at which point customers want the fix today! There are two options for fully portable spreadsheet data.

  1. CSV - supports data only, No formatting
  2. HTML - All modern spreadsheets will interpret basic HTML. You use a table to layout the spreadsheet. Supports some styling but not available from QF…

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