Date minus 1 day - Recurring invoice variables

||DATE-1|| doesn’t work - I tested in your tester.
It would be nice if this could be fixed as I need ‘Week Ending’ sent on Monday, but referring to Sunday.
Yours Roy
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Correct. User error. :smile:
Should be ||DATE-1D||


So perhaps the docs should be a bit clearer then?
It shows ||MONTH-1|| & ||YEAR+1|| and also it shows in yellow on the invoice indicating that it’s a variable, but I sent out two invoices that didn’t work.

Which are both correct.

On and Recurring Invoice - Info button next to ‘add new line’ button.
and also on

I think I see what you’re doing.

||MONTH-1|| will show current month -1
||YEAR-1|| will show current year -1

||DATE-1|| is invalid though. Minus 1 what? So for the ||DATE|| variable you need to specify -1D, or -1M etc.

I understand that now, but the docs are not clear about it.