Date of invoice changes if 'marked as sent'

I create an invoice with a past date, Preview and send the invoice and then once marked as sent, the date defaults to todays date.

Steps to reproduce.

Create an invoice with the date as 1st December.
At bottom of page click ‘Preview and Send’
You are then shown the Draft invoice with the date correctily showing as 1st December
Click on " Flag invoice as sent (This will update your records only to show the invoice as outstanding)"
You are then shown a Sent invoice with the date showing as todays date, not the 1st of Dec.

You then need to modify invoice and change the issue date and save again.


Hi @Paul_McCann

Thank you for the detailed steps. However, it sounds like you just need to change a setting in the account.

If you go to Account Settings >> Advanced Features, you should see an option relating to the issue date being set on invoice send. If you disable this, the invoice will keep the date you enter.

OK thanks.

Never had this problem before the last few weeks so thought it was a bug. I will check the settings.


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