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Date Ranges - Add tax year options



I don’t think there’s a suggestions box, so apologies for potentially wrong categorisation. I guess that lots of people file payroll transactions in QF despite no payroll module as such. Why not have another tab on the preset date ranges popout for ‘tax years’ - 06/04 to 05/04 + years. Also, I would have an ‘All’ tick box between the date field input boxes and the update button which shows transactions etc. for all time. It is very handy for checking account allocations and finding errors. [I know about ‘custom’ and i use this now, just thinking about usability etc.]




Hi @Donquick

If you click on the ‘Preset Date Ranges > Accounting Years’ there is an option to select ‘All accounting periods’

I will also pass on your suggestion to the development team.


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