Date/time incorrect by an hour

Hi Supoort,

Trivial one for you. I just successfully submitted a VAT return using the app, and the lovely verbose message on screen said that I had submitted it today at 8:58, when in actual fact in the UK current timezone, it was 9:58. Lowest priority, obviously, as the important thing was that the submission was successful. Presumably you’re either putting it in the database incorrectly at the time of submission, or the “success page” is translating it incorrectly when pulling it from the DB.

Loving the app. Very easy to use and powerful imho. Thank you.


Thanks @retcorp. I’ve let our development team know.

Thanks also for the positive feedback :slight_smile:

There appears to be an issue with the timestamp which shows when a team member last accessed the system. A user who was just created has logged in yet it’s showing they logged in an hour ago (impossible as they didn’t have an account).

I suspect this has something to do with the clocks going forward.

This doesn’t appear to be affecting the timestamps for other actions (such as invoices raised or accessed).

Hi @Oliver_Nash

Thanks for letting us know - this has been logged with our development team.