Datto Autotask Integration

Does anyone know if there is an integration with Datto Autotask?
If not, what is the best way about getting one created?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Q6Group

Currently there isn’t an integration for these. I’ve moved this into a feature request for you and if there is enough interest in this, we can further look into what can be done.

Thanks Sian,
Is this something I can get done our self by using a 3rd party?

Hi @Q6Group

Quite possibly. We do offer an API (https://api.quickfile.co.uk), so as long as Autotask does as well, then you could create your own integration.


Having never created and API and not knowing where to start, We will probably need some advice/guidance :slight_smile: We would need to use a 3rd party to create this…Any recommendations?

Thanks again