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DD initiation indicator on due invoice


When using the client list of unpaid invoices it would be rather useful if there was an indicator to show that a DD collection had been started to collect the payment.

There is a risk of collecting payment more than once


Hi @Howard

Thank you for your suggestion.

We can certainly consider this. At present we do show a banner along the top of the invoice when you view it, and also in the direct debit report (under Reports >> All Reports).

We’ll leave this thread open for others to add their vote and comments.


Hi, I think the existing banners are useful after the DD has been initiated but not when looking for unpaid invoices to collect on DD.

I would like to be able to view unpaid invoices on the client info sheet or All Invoices listing and see if I can collect payments via arranged DD’s.

At present there is no indication that a DD has been initiated so its possible to duplicate a DD collection for the same invoice - unless there is some check you have that stops this?


it would be good to be able to see from invoice management, (money owed to me)
that any invoices that had been DD initialized, so not to chase as they are coming in
i do a fair few recurring invoices, which all collected by DD


Yes, we second that. It would be a great help to know that the DD collection has been initiated.


Yes, I think that would be really useful


I also think it would be useful. When looking at the invoice list it is easy to think you forgot to request payment until you actually open the invoice.


I agree that the DD status should be displayed on the invoice management screen.


Another vote for this