De Registering for VAT

I have de registered for VAT with effect 30 April 2016.

What do I need to do in Quick file to stop the VAT being applied and recorded?

Do I just change the setting on the 30th and if I do what happens with any historical transaction I post after the 30th?

Thanks for your help

Yes, you would just need to go into Account Settings >> Company Settings and switch off VAT accounting. This will have no affect on any pre-existing VAT records, it will simply ensure that going forward all sales are entered without VAT.

If you wish to calculate a final VAT return through QuickFile after the 30th, you may need to temporarily turn the VAT option back on, file the VAT return then switch it off again. I believe the VAT returns are accessible only when VAT accounting is switched on.

Hope that helps!

And you would also have to temporarily switch it back on if you need to enter a back dated purchase from before your de-registration date.