Dealing with unallocated amounts

Hi Glenn,
So what do you do when a client pays too much and asks you to keep it there for future invoices?
Currently I have no view that shows the unallocated amounts (if there was ever more than 1 person that paid in advance of an invoice or invoices).
It doesn’t show in the clients statement as its not been allocated, so the overpayment amounts are hidden in the system, unless you press on the correct tagged item to see if it has any unallocated amounts (needle in a haystack).
Many thanks

Hi @unclechunk

I’ve moved your post to a new thread.

What have you done with the payment so far - for example, has it been tagged anywhere (paid off an invoice, but the balance is “unallocated”), or is it still on a bank statement showing as “Untagged”?

I have tagged the multiple invoices that have been paid but they have paid in too much so there is unallocated funds.

Ok, so if they’re unallocated they would be saved to the client’s account and show as a ‘Prepayment’.

If you view the client in question, in the top right hand corner, you’ll see something like this:

Whenever you tag a payment against invoices that is less than the payment value, QuickFile will save the balance here for you. This can be used by clicking the “Log Payment” button on an invoice, and ticking the “Apply from credit” button, which in turn, either reduces the balance of the invoice or pays it off and holds the remainder on account.

If you want to view a complete breakdown of these prepayments (e.g. a list of clients with them, or what was paid when), there are 2 ways to do this, which is outlined here.

I hope that helps!

Yep thats great thanks.
Shame we can’t show that there’s money that hasn’t been allocated from that payment though, would be easier when going through the tagging. Or even have a “log payment from credit” as a drop down when tagging?
I suppose i just have to remember if a client has overpaid, then go to the specific invoice and log a payment using the apply from credit?

PS. I suppose i’m looking for similar to the partial payment colouring, so a “Partially Tagged” view

Apologies - it did seem that you were looking for something slightly different from the initial post (which is why I moved it here). You’re welcome to add your vote to the other topic (like it / comment on it) and we’ll certainly keep an eye on the interest going forward.

No problem.
Thanks and posted.

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