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Debit Entries needed via bank feed only

Hi is it possible to import debit entries from the bank account open bank feed only. Our receipts are quite confusing as they are not paid as per invoice and sometimes some invoices are clubbed together in one credit entry. This confuses the book keeper who works remotely. We can therefore mark the invoices paid ourselves when payments arrive whilst bookeeper can continue reconciling the debits/purchases. Thanks.

Hi @GHSCD2011

Unfortunately there isn’t a way of doing this with the bank feeds. It will import all entries.

Is this one entry per client (e.g. one client paying multiple invoices), or would it be mixed (e.g. bulk deposit of cheques)

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes it can be multiple checks from different clients as bulk deposit to the bank account. Also we work with local authorities and they pay one or two remittances per month for a large number of clients on their behalf. This may not work for us I guess. Will have to just download csv files monthly and provide to the bookeeper.

Or get a book keeper who can keep books?