Debtor control account reconciliation

looking at the balance sheet it is showing debtors and clicking on this it goes to Debtor control account with some transactions negative,
I know they have been paid as there are no outstanding debtors so
a) I must not have paid an invoice or
b) duplicated
have looked to edit , but not allowing any changes, I need to “tag” them together somehow, - any ideas please

Do you have any client payments on account? Even if all invoices are paid you will remain with a debtor balance if you’re holding funds on a client account.

You can check this in the client management screen by going into the advanced search and revealing all credits.

You can then order the credits column:

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thank you, where is the client management screen please?

In the top menu: Sales >> View clients

still having problems in balancing this out,
in the balance sheet, in the current liabilities
1100 debtor control account negative £5,304
how can I have this removed from this area, as only liability is the mortgage balance

sorry, followed your previous instructions but to no avail

Yes that’s because you have 3 clients with credits on their account equaling £5,304. This will put your debtor control account in the liabilities section of the balance sheet.

Removing the credits would remove the debtor control balance on your balance sheet.

Hi I have followed your instruction and deleted as stated as above, however the balance sheet is still showing the debtor control of £5304

It looks like you’ve deleted the client record not the payments associated with that client. Deleting a client just removes it from the main list, it won’t delete all the accounting records linked to that client.

If you got to the main client list and click the deleted toggle it will still show the clients you’ve removed with the credits still there.

You need to find those payments on the bank and remove them, once you’ve done this the balance sheet debtor control will zero.

if I remove from the bank will that then reduce the overall sales ie 36K will go to 31K?

hi, are there any instructions I can follow as I seem to be making errors, as deleting from bank as stated I have now created nominal account 1203 with debtor balance, apologies any help in step by step to resolve, as coming up to end of year at end of march so need to ensure info correct, thanks

Continuing the discussion from Debtor control account reconciliation:

Continuing the discussion from Debtor control account reconciliation:

These items aren’t attached to sales invoices so by overall sales you mean “Total of Sales Invoices” then no it won’t make any difference. Obviously it will affect your bank balance though.