Debtor / Creditor Report Shows incorrect value

Report some time do not match with snapshot (overview), due to prepayments.

E.g. Balance Sheet as on 28/02/2023 2100 Creditors Control Account £24012.76
But report shows total at the bottom £24,048.02 GBP
Difference of £35.26.
Therefore, overview will not show correct amount.
Somehow prepayment should be included in this overview report.
Only when you export, you will find that amount do not match due to prepayments.

Hello @hemant

Just so you are aware the total prepayments is mentioned at the top of the screen.

Exporting the report would give you the invoices and prepayments as of the date specified.

Thank you for your response.

Showing Total Prepayments: 558.16 GB, but actual prepayment is £35.26 as per export report.
Quick File Account: 6131585663
Balance sheet date: 28/02/2023

Also prepayment should be shown for each creditor or debtors on drill down, total at the top is still partial information till you see export file.

Hi hemant. Maybe this would help? I have this for both clients and suppliers

@Spike, Thank you for your help.
Yes, I am aware of this.
But my concern is not addressed in displaying proper figure (what should be).

Really this is not feature request. It appears this is programming cum reporting error / bug.

Hello @hemant

An update has been released to fix the issue for you.

Can you please give it a try when you get a chance.