Debtors aging report

Dear Glenn

I refer to the post below.

I have just noticed that clients who don’t have any outstanding invoice but have a credit balance don’t show up on the report.

At first I thought the credit balances were not being picked up at all.

However, later i noticed that i have one client who has outstanding invoices that they have not paid, and they also have a credit balance for a separate job. Their credit balance does appear in the credit balance column

It’s like this by design, as an ageing report tracks ageing debt, or to be more specific outstanding invoices. We added the credit balance as a convenience, but this report should principally filter on aged debtors/creditors. If you want to show all clients or suppliers with prepaid balances you can already do this from within the client and supplier views.

If we were to include all clients and suppliers with prepayments, it would end up making the true aged debts more difficult to see.

Hi Glenn, just saw your post from last year on this.
I think this was why i had thought ALL credit balances would show up in the aging debtors report.

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