Debtors and creditors at a point in time

At present when you go into the reports Aged Creditors or Aged Debtors there is no way of changing the date of the report to check what was outstanding at a particular point in time. It would be good so that you could print a report that tied up to the balance sheet balance at say the year end or month end. Thank you

For that you will need the historical debtor and creditor invoice report. This shows what invoices where outstanding at a given point in time.

Hi - thats brilliant thank you. However, just gone to both these reports and there is a difference between what the balance sheet says and what the report says at the same date?

There could be as the historical report is based only on invoices. It wouldn’t factor in any funds held on the client or supplier accounts or any journals or opening balances. It will only show a list of invoices due at that time.

Ok - I will have a look and see if this is the case and report back if thats ok - there is a question of mine regarding journals that is still outstanding - your colleague replied initially and then I replied to him - are you able to look at that for me, thank you

I have taken a look now are the debtors control and the balance per the historical invoices is £65991 and the balance per the balance sheet at the same day is £66841 making a difference of £850 - I have reviewed the entries in the account and all I can see are either invoices or payments, so no journals. What do you mean by 'It wouldn’t factor in any funds held on the client", as I’m not aware we have this either as all payments are allocated to an invoice - please help.

I will now also review the supplier account, as this also has a difference too.

Prepayment and credits are explained here.

Prepayments and credits

I can see you have at least one client with over £2,000 in non-allocated credits.

Hi - if I’m right these non-allocated credits are in April 2013 and I’m trying to agree this at 31 March 13, where the are no unallocated credits. does the Historical report take account of credit notes raised against invoices, as there is a credit note in the period to 31 March 2013 for £1550, which would then be a difference the other way of £700?

Please read note above, I have also noticed what looks like a bug - there was an invoices raised 16 November 2012 and a credit note applied to this on 20 May 2013, so on the historical list this invoice should show as outstanding. So if I add the invoice for £2400 and take of the credit during the month of £1550 this is my £850 difference. Please check and see if I am right about the bug in the system, thank you

Leave this with me. I’ll take a thorough look through the reports and get back to you.