Debtors control account and aged debtors report

When I put the dates from the beginning of time to the current date, the debtors control account in the nominal ledger gives the correct balance as the aged debtors.

When I enter the year dates, the debtors control account misses off the previous transactions even though some of the debtors are still owing. Can this be fixed?

Are you running these calculations in the Chart of Accounts report? This will only show the aggregate value of all transactions over a given period. If you run a balance sheet report this will show the balance at a specific date.

Hi Glenn
I have question that I think is related.
I am looking at my year end (Nov 2013) balance sheet.
How do I quickly identify who the outstanding debtors and creditors were?

Hi @thealarmingman,

I think what you may be looking for is the Historical Debtors and Creditors report?

Click on the menu item ‘Reports’ and then click on ‘Historical Debtor and Creditor Invoice Report’. You can enter a query date and the system will show you what was outstanding at that point in time.

On that note - @Glenn the ‘Update’ button seems a little bit messed up on this screen too.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the quick response.

For some reason, my version does not have the tab Historical Debtor and Creditor Invoice Report.

Have I missed something?


It’s not on the drop down menu, it’s a little bit hidden!

Click on ‘Reports’

Then scroll down and you’ll see the option:


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Hi Parker1090

Just goes to show how comprehensive the system is!!

Thank you very much for this - wished I’d asked earlier, really appreciate the help.

Best regards


No problem at all! :smile:

I cannot find the Historical Debtor and Creditor Invoice Report in my Custom Reports. When I go on Custom Reports I only see “Create New Report” button and that does not answer the need.

Could you please help?


Hi @OvidiuS it’s in Reports >> Show all reports.

If you scroll down to the “Other Reports” section you will see it there.

Thanks - found it! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to see the Debtor (Clients) Ageing Report (or Creditor for that matter) for a certain date in the past? Instead of having the list of all invoices due at a certain date.


Unfortunately we don’t support “point in time” ageing reports, the closest we have is the historic debtor/creditor reports.