Debtors outstanding and now paid

I am trying to get to a report to show me what debtors that existed at a point in time are still outstanding.

The report - historical invoices - it would be good to have a tick box on this to show what are paid post the time frame to pull this report for.

I thought I found away by looking at the Debtor aging report by totaling the older columns still showing as outstanding prior to the date of the Historical - the problem is that this report does not agree to the balance sheet total at that date and I assume that the Debtor Aging report is as off the day you pull it up for, as there is no facility to put a preferred date of reporting on this.

I thne went to the sales and searched on the date range to the last date (i.e. 30 June 15) and selected ‘Unpaid’, but this report gives me the total invoice value, rather than the amount outstanding.

Please help on the above on the best way to do this and why I have a difference as in point 2 above please.

Thank you, Russell

When you say “paid post the time frame”, do you mean to highlight those invoices that are paid as of the date you’re running the report?

Neither the debtor ageing and historic invoice report will highlight any journals, which could end up accounting for the difference when compared to the balance sheet. Also if you have pre-payments then these will not affect invoice balances but will affect the debtor control balance. On the historic invoice report we show any prepayments in the top right hand corner.

Hi Glenn - it is to get to those invoice that we still outstanding as at 30 June 15 say, but have been paid since

I think it would be a manual comparison at the moment, i.e. cross-checking the table on the 30th of June with the date now in the Historical Invoice report.

I can keep this open as a feature request for now.

Ok yes please, thank you - that is a long process to do unfortunately, as there are a lot of invoices to go through

May be an idea, but you could use Payments?

Use your historical invoice report:

Then go to Sales > Payments:

Do an advanced search:

And cross reference the above with the new results:

So for example, I can see that 0317 and 0319 has been since paid, but no sign of 0318 (bear in mind that I’m only showing half of the report - my drawing skills with the black lines aren’t good with a partial report let alone the full thing!)