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I’m trying to change the default bank account within QF. I saw the option the other day within the individual account settings but didn’t change it as I was waiting for GoCardless to verify the new account before changing anything.

Now I’ve gone back into the account settings and the ‘set as default current account’ box isn’t appearing. Also, on the current default account the ‘set as default current account’ box is greyed out. I was hoping that by deselecting the old account it might force the box to appear on the new account.

Does anyone have any idea why this might have disappeared?

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Hi @Oliver_Nash

Can I just double check that the account you’re trying to make the default is setup as a current account in QuickFile (and not a savings account or loan account for example)?

Hi @QFMathew

Apologies for the delay in responding.

That’s exactly what the problem was! I’d mistakenly selected ‘reserve account’ instead of current account. The bank we’re with calls it a reserve account even though it functions as a current account so I think I just did it automatically.

Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated.

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