Default deferment period for Direct Debit (GoCardless) collection

I am collecting annual membership fees, with some DD payments.
As per Timing of Direct Debit Transactions (Delayed Collection) , my members expect notification prior to DD being claimed.
To do so, I have been making “copies” of the invoice “template” and changing the customer name for each member.
However, each copy returns the deferment period to 0 days, meaning this has to be re-entered manually to 14 for every invoice.
It would be helpful if a default other than 0 could be set for the account, or at least when making a copy of an invoice template, the previously set number of days should be retained.

Why don’t you set up a recurring template for each member? This would not only save the members name in the field, but it would automatically collect too. You can set it so the invoice gets emailed automatically.

Also, GoCardless sends a notification to the client as soon as the request is made to comply with the Direct Debit Guarantee

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Thanks. This is exactly what I am doing.

But I first have to create 100 recurring invoices (~50 of each of 2 membership levels). The simplest way I found to do so was to create 1, then “copy” it 50 times.

Granted, it is not so onerous to type 14 into each deferment box manually 100 times (in fact, not all members are expected to switch to DD, so it would be less than this), but the natural behaviour for a “copy” function should be to copy everything exactly.

We’ll keep this open as a feature request, but it would be good to see more support for this from other users. Creating an account level default may not be too difficult, but it would need to be explored in a bit more detail first from a technical end.