Default Paid From when creating a purchase

When creating a new purchase and then using the payment details section at the bottom to confirm that you have paid for the item, is it possible to amend the “Paid from” to default to another of your accounts? The only thing I use the manual “new purchase” for is for the fee that we pay to Stripe for each payment we receive so I have to amend it from HSBC Current Account (our default main bank) to Stripe each time. Having it default to Stripe would save me a few clicks - thank you.

You don’t an invoice to record transaction charges, simply tag payment direct to bank charges

I think you mean to tag Stripe fees in the same way as downloaded bank transactions - if not, what do you mean?

When we receive a payment from Stripe, I create the fee as a purchase invoice, referenced in the description to the invoice, and then mark it paid using the payment details section (as shown in the screenshot). I don’t download transactions from Stripe like I would with the bank transactions - we don’t have enough to warrant that, and also each purchase would be the same in your case - there wouldn’t be a reference to the customer invoice.

I have converted this to a feature request as it doesn’t look like it is currently possible to set a default “paid from”. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know. Thanks

Something is probably doable with some custom JavaScript, if you have a Power User subscription:

jQuery(function($) {
  if(document.body.classList.contains("page-purchases-create")) {
    const bankSelect = $("#dropPurBank");
    // when I tick the "paid" checkbox...
    $("#chkpaid").on("change", function(e) {
      // and the currently selected bank account is the default current account...
      if( && bankSelect.val() === "1200-GBP") {
        const supplierId = new URL($("#hrefSelectedSupplierName").prop("href")).searchParams.get("sID");
        // and the currently-selected supplier is the one I'm interested in...
        if(supplierId === "123456") {
          // then select a different bank account in the drop-down

You’d need to replace 123456 with the supplier ID number of your Stripe fees supplier (from the URL of the /suppliers/detail?sID=<number-here> page) and 1206-GBP with the appropriate nominal code of the account you want to select.