Default VAT rate on bulk purchase entry

Hi Glenn,
When entering bulk purchase invoices is there a way to make sure the default VAT rate is 20%?

The supplier settings are set for 20%, but the table doesn’t pick that up from the supplier card.


I don’t believe that this screen reads the default VAT rate, I will however make a suggestions to the developers. Otherwise you could set the rate correctly on the 1st row and use the copy down feature:

The bulk purchase entry form defaults to no VAT. All the other forms, invoice entry, bulk invoice entry and purchase entry forms default to 20% VAT. Is there any way to set the bulk purchase entry to default to 20% as well?

This has been mentioned before as a feature request. However, it’s been closed and cannot be voted on. Does this mead it should of been implemented or rejected?

Hi @John6,

This has now been re-opened and I have merged your post with the original feature thread.

Any update on this one. It’s more of a bug fix than a new feature in my opinion. All the other forms default to 20% VAT, just not this one.