Deferred collection for one-off client Direct Debits

Continuing the discussion from New options to defer GoCardless Collections:

This is a truly wonderful feature that will make my life so much easier! Can I make an enhancement request though please? I have one client who needs two invoices each month, both over £200, so I want to collect the total balance in one GC payment to minimise the charges. So I can’t use the feature to collect the DD from the invoice menu as this would generate two debits - instead I use the collect funds option from the direct debit page. However there is no option to defer here. Could there be please?

The idea of batching together payments was discussed elsewhere but is not easy for us to implement. Adding a deferred collection date for one-off client DDs is much simpler and something we will look at in the next few weeks.

Just a quick one to let you know that the ability to defer one-off collections against a pre-authorisation has now been implemented:

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