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Define trading style when creating a client via API


Is it possible to add a new field to the API (Sorry if it already exists) to define what invoice template should a new customer use?


Hi @APereira

I assume you’re referring to the custom trading styles? If so, there isn’t a way to do this via the API at present, but we’ll certainly monitor interest in this request.

Hi @QFMathew

Yes sorry for not been clear.

Is this that can be implemented soon or will take some time?

We were really interested in having this field on the API.

Hi André,

Yes this is definitely something we can include on the API Client_Create method. It is a relatively simply addition so I will add this to our short term planner.

@QFMathew or I will update you when this is ready (hopefully within 1 week).


Awesome, thank you very much.

Will wait for your reply.