Delayed Barclays Feed - 25th November

Just a quick one to advise that this morning we found that the Barclays feed had not run on any accounts. We later identified that this was due to a very minor change that Barclays have recently made to their interface.

We have now successfully patched this on our feed and are pulling in the most recent transactions. We expect the feed to fully complete by around noon to 1pm today.

Hi Glenn

Are you aware of any issues with the Natwest feeds? I have tried downloading transactions into my Quickfile accounts today but the “export to Quickfile” option that usually appears no longer does - I can only export in the standard excel, csv sage etc formats.

Many thanks


Yes we are aware (see post below). We are waiting for an account to be opened before we can determine the cause and implement a fix. It’s due to Natwest changing their site design.

OK great thanks - do you know approximately how long it will take for the account to be opened - just need an idea of whether it will be done by the end of the month in order to factor in additional resource if I have to input transactions manually for the end of the month reporting.



I would estimate within 1-2 weeks, the process is unfortunately not as quick as we would have hoped.