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Delete duplicates in suspense

I have loads of duplicate entries in my suspense account - 5 pages. They have all been tagged (except 1) and the duplicate entries have been deleted from the bank feed but they are still there. How do I removed them?

Hi @lmsf.quickfile.co.uk

The suspense account typically shows anything that’s untagged. Apart from this, you may see a trace of a bank transfer. These can be left there, the important thing is that the balance is zero.

the balance isn’t zero its 5k. so obviously i have to identify more duplicates in the bank feed or untagged items (which I don’t think there are any)

thanks, I’ve sorted that now. Also I have a mystery transaction that appeared in my paypal feed but not actually in my paypal account and I don’t know how to deal with it or what it is. If I delete or tag it it creates a negative balance. Paypal does not recognise the transaction code and its not in my transactions list. - totally stumped.

Is the transaction from the PayPal feed? You should see a little icon next to it like a cloud, which if you hover your mouse over, you will see where it came from.

Also clicking on the little speech bubble on the same line will reveal more details about the transaction.

Ive tried that. Theres nothing when you click the speech bubble just a blank square, the magnifier says there is a matching untagged transaction but doesn’t say where. Its not in the bank feed I’ve checked sales/purchases not sure where else to look.

I’ve found it on my credit card - thanks for your help, think i’m sorted now :crazy_face:

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just for your info it was one of those split paypal transactions - thats why I couldn’t find it when searching the amount. Basically they took part of it from my pp credit balance and the rest from credit card. I try and keep a zero pp balance to stop that happening but sometimes if someone pays in just before someone takes out it happens, causes no end of accounting mess :rage:

Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: . I’m sure you won’t be the last person to come across this issue, so this will probably help others in the future too.

I always route my incoming and outgoing PayPal payments through the PayPal merchant account in QuickFile rather than tagging them directly from the current account - when I buy something and pay by PayPal I mark the purchase paid in full from the PayPal merchant account, then when money leaves my current account it’s just a transfer to PayPal rather than a payment to the supplier. That way there’s no mess, and the balance on the PayPal account in QuickFile should more or less reflect the balance as reported by PayPal (except that I prioritise keeping the current account transaction dates accurate so a transfer from the current account to PayPal will show on the date the DD left the current account rather than the day a couple of days earlier when PayPal initiated the transfer).

The only setting in “PayPal Feed Settings” that I have engaged is “Leave the tagging to me”. By allowing the PayPal feed to import both the debtor and creditor entries the account is always on zero.

An additional Merchant Account has been created “Merchant Accounts (Suspense)” where the “TRANSFER: ****11D” is automatically transferred to the suspense account by way of a bank tagging rule and then a similar bank tagging rule set for the transfer of the PayPal payment/receipt from either Current Account or Credit Card to the suspense account.

Other bank tagging rules can be created for dealing with the supplier/client to automatically create a Purchase/Sale invoice.

I did not quite understand your post @lmsf.quickfile.co.uk about split payments as this does not happen by following the above.

My question was actually 2 different topics. The ‘mystery’ amount was basically I had an pp incoming amount that I couldn’t identify (it was consequently untagged and in suspense) It was part of a payment which had been split by paypal. Ebay took fees of £222 but because I had a credit balance in pp they took that £64 and made up the difference from my credit card. I had a lot to tag that day and had tagged the £222 out going but the £158 (incoming from cc) was left untagged because I didn’t recognise it as part of that £222 transaction. Paypal split payments can’t be prevented if you have a positive balance which doesn’t fully cover a transaction. As I said I try to keep a zero balance in my actual paypal account so that all my payments are made in full from my linked credit card. Sometimes if an incoming hasn’t been manually withdrawn in time it happens (often an overseas sale comes in overnight and a pre-authorised payment is made before that amount has been withdrawn) Hope that makes sense.

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