Delete files on Receipt hub


We send receipts to your email, which grab the attachments and add’s it to our recept hub.

This is not an issue, the only issue we are experiencing is all the graphics on the email signature are been added to the receipt hub.

Do we have any way of delete them by using the API?
Alternatively, is there any way of stopping this from happening?

Our signature is automatic on our emails from a thirdparty service.

Can you please help?


Hi @APereira

The emails are received in this format, and unfortunately there’s no way on our end to prevent this from happening (is the attached JPG a file, or part of the signature for example).

The only way to stop this is to remove them before sending them in. Although they may not appear as actual attachments before sending them, generally any image is treated as an attachment by email servers.

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Thanks for your quick reply.

I believe we found a solution for that.

We use Microsoft Office365 but this solution might work if you have a different provider.

What do you need?

Microsoft Account so you can use Microsoft flow
Dropbox account, so you can use the quickfile dropbox integration (More info here)

Go to

Click “My Flows”,
Click “Create from template”,
Search for “Save Email attachments from to Dropbox” (If you are an office365 customer this is the option you should select)

Make sure you connect to your email and Dropbox accounts and click “continue”

This will create a new flow from template.

On my case I only wanted emails with the subject “Invoice” so I’ve clicked “Edit” on the object “On New email” then “Show advanced options” and typed “Invoice” on to the subject filter.

Just underneath this object, you might see a “+” sign, click it and select “Add Condition”.

In my case I just want PDF files to be saved to the Receipt hub.

“Choose value” select “File Attachment”.

on the condition, object, remove “File Attachment” and add “Name”, ends with “.pdf”.

Drag the object “Create fileScope” to the “Yes” area of your condition.

By default, the file is saved to the “Attachments” folder on your dropbox, but we want to be saved to the Quickfile folder.

Expand, “Create FileScop”,
Expand, “Create File”,
Click “Edit”,
Change the folder path to your quickfile folder.

Rename the flow to an appropriate friendly name, and click “Create flow”.

You are now ready to go, only PDF files coming as an attachment on emails where the subject contains “invoice” will be saved to this folder.

Hope this helps somebody else with the same issue as us. :slight_smile:

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