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I have recently imported last years invoices into quickfile. I used the net amount of the invoices as gross, as I have already submitted the VAT return on these invoices. I chose to do this as the vat amount was not a set amount - most are zero rated, but some are multi line invoices, with only a couple of lines being subject to vat - the import wizard wouldn’t allow me to set a vat amount without stating the VAT rate.
The issue now comes that because I didn’t specify a VAT rate on the import, it has now put ALL the invoices as inclusive of 20% VAT, when they should have all been treated as 0% VAT.
Is there any way I can either delete the import to allow me to re-import, or bulk change the 250 or so invoices to all say 0% VAT and read the gross total?
It will be very time consuming otherwise to modify EVERY invoice!!

Hi @SimonT

There isn’t an “undo” option, but you can bulk delete invoices at 50 at a time - just tick the ones you wish to remove from the invoice list, and select “Delete Selected” at the top of the page:

This would however only move them to the “Deleted” area of your invoice list. How much data have you entered to your account so far?

I imported around 250 invoices. I tried to delete them all then re-import, but the system won’t allow this as it doesn’t fully delete them for auditing purposes.
Think I have two options - either amend each invoice individually to the correct amount, or delete them all and export the newer invoices to my old database to get the figures for the tax return.

If you have only your invoices uploaded so far you may can reset your account. All data will be deleted and you can start from a clean account.

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