Delete PayPal Current Account

Hi all, I have just created an account and started to use the app. I tried to integrate my PayPal Business account but I accidentally add PayPal as a bank account as PayPal Current Account! I did not know that PayPal also gives bank account. Now I try to delete it but there is no option to delete it. How can I do that? I will not need and will not use PayPal Current Account. Thanks in advance

Hi @parastore,

If you are unable to delete the account then it may be because it is the default account. If you have other bank accounts you could ‘swap’ the paypal one to one of the others.

Just change the details on the paypal one and then delete the other. Alternatively you can just hide the account so it’ll be there but it won’t show up on your main screen

Hi Beth, Thank you for your quick reply. I have already connected my bank account and defined it as my default account. PayPal Current Account is not my default account and cannot be deleted in Bank Management screen. I can see only 3 options (Account setting, Import from file and hide account) As you mention, there is only hide function but ı do not prefer to use it for 2 reasons. 1. I may be confused after integrating my PayPal Business account. 2. I should be able to delete a bank account which has not been used in any way. I would like to give you a feedback for it: when I clicked to add PayPal bank account there was not an option to cancel, even I did not enter an account number or sort code your system automatically added it. There should have been an option to cancel to create it. After giving this information, is there a way to delete PayPal Current Account? Best wishes

Hi @parastore,

What I meant by default is the default account set by QuickFile it is the one with nominal 1200, this cannot be deleted so you can either re-use or just hide it from view. If it helps you can remove all of the settings so the bank where you have selected paypal you can leave this blank?

Ok great. Thank you for clarifying. As I understand from the procedure, QuickFile protects us from undesired deletion of the default account. It is all right. Will it be a problem when declaring tax to the government? If I hide it, will it be viewed in my tax declarations? Thanks

Declaring tax is done from your self assessment. Has nothing to do with what bank account you use in quickfile.

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