Delete redundant QF Bank Account

I naively created a second QF bank account linked to my personal high street bank account.
I now wish to delete this QF bank account.

However, I’m unable to simply delete the account using the General Bank Accounts list delete function because I see this dialogue "Please remove any transactions from this account before deleting."I presumed I could simply highlight all transactions in the tagging list. Unfortunately, there are year end transactions locked from 05/04/16 0 14.01/15, which cannot be deleted.

Is it possible to unlock these so I can delete this bank account.

Chris Perkins.

Hi @Chris_Perkins

You are welcome to roll back the year end lock if you wish to delete them, but if they’re tagged in anyway then the opposite end (e.g. paying an invoice, a bank transfer etc.) would also be removed.

I’ve included a link below to guide to unlocking the year end:

I hope that helps?

Thank you for your quick reply, really appreciated.
I have managed to delete the QF bank account as you say, by first deleting previous year end journals in order ti unlock the transactions so they could be deleted in order to finally delete the whole account.
I think I have successfully managed to re-construct the year end journals for the primary bank account’s previous financial years again and all seems well.
Thanks once again.

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