Deleted bank account re-appears!

Just setting up my accounts after moving from Quicken 98 :relaxed:

After I realised that there was a default current account to use (that I couldn’t delete), I deleted the one that I had created, and started using the default account. The system said that it had successfully deleted the account, but it’s still in my bank account list!

Is there a way of getting rid of it?

Any non system Bank Accounts can be deleted from the ‘Bank Management’ area, although you will need to delete all transactions, if any, on the bank account first.

Thanks for your prompt reply! Yes, I’ve deleted all transactions that were on the account, but I’m not allowed to delete the opening balance. A message came up to say that I had been successful in deleting the bank account, but it’s still there.

What bank account is it?

Here’s a couple of images: it’s the ‘not used’ account I’m wanting to delete.

Image removed to hide business data

It’s due to the opening balance, although the message is misleading. Deleting the OB will allow it to be permanently removed. @PeterK will send you some instructions shortly.

Here’s brief instruction.

First, in your account’s settings select “Modify Opening Balance”:

Next delete the Journal:

Lastly, go to your Bank Management screen and hit delete button:

That’s fixed it!
Many thanks