Deleting a bank transaction

I am currently disputing invoices with a client

They have sent me a breakdown of what they say they have paid so in the system i tried to delete all payments to start over. They had paid my personal account which i imported into quick file
im trying to delete 21/01/15 transfer from sofia £1876. as i made a manual input but it has credits to it

please help me so i can get back on track so then i can mark of what has and what hasnt been paid

Hi @Sofia,

The transfer - have you tagged that as a transfer from one account to another, or tagged it to an invoice?

If you’ve tagged it to an invoice (which I’m guessing is what you’ve done seems it has credits assigned to it), you would need to go into the credit note itself, and delete it from there:

That would undo the credit note itself and should enable you to delete any transactions or anything relating to it (this may be done automatically).

If I’m honest, this may be a job for the QuickFile team as they would be able to see more than what I can.

i seemed to have refunded instead of crediting a couple of invoices - how can i rectify this?

If you’ve refunded them, there should still be a credit note for the refund. All the refund would do is create a bank transaction to go with it.

By deleting the credit note, you’re left with an untagged transaction in the bank which can be left, or deleted - your choice.

If you prefer, we can discuss this in more detail via Private Message? May help make things a bit clearer