Deleting an invoice that is locked in a VAT period

Hi guys,

Looking for some help here as I can’t seem to find a straight answer in the archives.

I think I have made some rather silly mistakes and I need some help fixing them.

When I first started using quick file I didn’t really know what i was doing. Rather than allocating transactions (like VAT payments and PAYE payments) correctly, I created invoices and paid/tagged them to my supplier (which was HMRC as I created them as a supplier).

I have since worked out that that is obviously not the way to do it. So I have tagged the transaction to the correct place, however i have ended up with invoices outstanding as ‘‘money I owe’’ which I can’t delete.

How can I get rid of these invoices? Surely there is a way of deleting them even though they are locked? It’s not like I am changing any balances and my banking figures still reconcile perfectly.


Try issuing credit note and if needed tag actual money out to proper head

Thank you. I think credit note is the way to go…it just feels messy!

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