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I have made a mistake in somehow double importing data over the last VAT period and then rolling Back the VAT return after I’d submitted it to HMRC. To clean things up and check I’ve submitted the correct VAT figures I’d like to delete everything from 1st July to date. Re-import it from my Bank and tag it, and then redo the July to Sept Tax return so that i can amend any errors in the Oct-Dec return. Is this possible and if so how do I do it?

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Hi @JonathanLines

You would also need to re-run the return that you’ve submitted to HMRC as you can’t resubmit this VAT return. Rolling back the return in QuickFile just undoes the locks for that period

Yes. I’m happy to do that as I need to know whether the return I submitted was correct or not, and if not I’ll need to manually amend the next return to offset the errors. I don’t know how to delete the data from 1st July to date and then re-import. Its going to take me a while to retag everything but it’s the only way I can think of to correct my error.

If everything is linked to your bank statement then you should be able to use that as a starting point to delete the entries and corresponding invoices. It may be worth then going to view your purchases and sales to make sure there isn’t anything left

Yes, everything I have on quickfile is a direct feed from the bank. How do I delete everything between two dates ( the last VAT quarter) and then re input?.

Will deleting get rid of the invoices and tagging that I’ve created over the period that I’m deleting. There is no point in deleting the entries if the tagged data remains.

Many thanks.

Is there anyone who can talk me through the processes. I’m really very nervous about mucking it up again.

Hi @JonathanLines

It would be a manual process. However, everything that’s tied to a VAT return would be locked by the return itself. E.g. if you’re on cash accounting for VAT, any payments would be locked; if you’re on accrual accounting, it would be invoices.

If the return has been submitted to HMRC, which I believe it has, it’s probably best to leave the entries there and try and correct them through another means. But this would depend on what type of transactions you’re trying to correct.

When you attempt to delete the bank entries, any invoices should revert to “SENT” (with an outstanding balance).

We have a directory of accountants and bookkeepers who are familiar with QuickFile. You can find this here: These are probably best placed to assist you with this.

Hope that helps!

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