Deleting and resetting bank account

Can someone tell me how I can delete a bank account?

If you are referring to the current account, this is a system account and is hard coded into the software. We would always recommend that you actually use the system current account to store your current account transactions. It generally makes things much easier as this account is the one that is often selected by default.

Other non system Bank Accounts can be deleted from the ‘Bank Management’ area, although you will need to delete all transactions, if any, on the bank account first:

Is it possible for you to reset my account? So That all my bank accounts go back to default. As you can see all my account have been mixed up and I don’t know which ones which.

You can use the account clearing tool, see our knowledgebase guide on ‘How do I Clear my Account?’ for further help.

This doesn’t reset my bank account settings though does it? I’ve already tired it.

@snowwatchGB you are correct, unfortunately we don’t have any automated way to reset the bank accounts. I will ask my colleague to see if we can do this on our side.

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