Deleting journals to unlock previous year

Deleting journals in order to go back into previous year’s accounts to add expenses.

I am told I have to delete journals in order to access my previous year’s accounts. How do I do this? I see no delete button…

Please retry now. There’s a bit of catch-22 situation going on there whereby you can’t delete the journals because a lock exists up to a date following those journals and you can delete the lock because of the journals.

I’ve manually removed the lock now so you should be fine!

Thanks for the quick fix Glen. All sorted now but will this happen again or was it a bug?

No problem. If you post year-end journals then yes it will lock the entries and prevent any deletion, following the fix on your account I asked this to be looked at so that users can always remove the lock. A long term solution will probably follow this week.


I think I have the same issue. I’ve been using a spreadsheet system up to 31/03/14- my yearend. I’ve used quickfle since. However there are messy entries in my QF account prior to 31/03/14 (accountant demonstrating QF to me) which are locked by YE journal. I want to delete all content prior to 31/03/14, then manually enter opening bals from prev year’s spreadsheet.

Otherwise I’ll have to open a new account and start again.


Year-end journals need to be deleted in sequence (newest to oldest). I checked your account and the latest journals are deletable. Whenever you delete year-end journals you need to change the lock date to match the last set of y/e journals to then delete those.

Hope that makes sense! I’ll be writing a guide on this soon as it crops up a few times a week now.

Thanks for your reply.

I managed to get rid of all but one entry. There is a £25 entry in the suspense account, but there seems to be no source for this and no means of deleting it. I think it was originally journalled in, but there are no journals visible- could this be a bug?

Have you looked in the Directors Loan account? There’s a £25 untagged entry in there which accounts for the suspense balance.


I didn’t realise DLA operated in the same way as bank