Deleting QuickFile account

Hi there.

I would like to know how to delete my account.

I have been trialling the software for the last couple of months or so and now do not have a need to use it.

I may, in the future wish to use it again (possibly under a different company name and as a sole trader as opposed to a limited company.) If this should be the case, I would still like to use my existing email address.

Can you please help me and advise on the best method?

Thanks in advance…



PS. Excellent software by the way!

The easiest way to close your account is to follow the instructions on the email. I will send this email to you separately as I have located the account registered under the same email address you have used to access the forum. All you need to do is confirm that you wish to close the account.

If you need to register a new account with the same email some time in the future this won’t be a problem!

Thank you also for your positive feedback :smile:

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