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Deleting the last days activity

I thought I would be clever and reverse a Dividend payment previously made and use your new dividend feature…

I unwittingly deleted a related journal entry to my payment instead of reversing it. I then spent several hours trying to find a way to rectify and or complete which has now got me in a right mess.

Can you delete my last days activity (28/06/20) ?


Hi @Gollingsm

Unfortunately this isn’t something that we’re able to do.

If you could let us know a bit more about the issues you’re having, perhaps we can help guide you to correcting these?

I’m in the habit of sending my pay and expenses to the Directors Loan account. I’ve been doing this with my annual dividend. then at the end of the month transfer a lump some to my personal bank acc.

I applied my dividend using a journal on 31/5. Last Sunday on seeing the new Dividend feature I decided to remove my entries and use the new method.

I deleted the journal and after deleting the bank entry realised I should have detagged it and then I also realised I should have reversed the journal. A moment of stupidity…

I then spent several hours trying to get back to where it was before I meddled.

Currently the the Dividend payment is in place and tagged to the £2000 bank transfer on the 31/5 (current acc).

The Problem
There is a balance of £2000 in the Directors Loan acc which should be zero.

Help and advice will be greatly appreciated.


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