Delivery address / Site address on Sales Invoices


I was just wondering if there had been any movement on this for Multiple Delivery Addresses or is it still just a request?

Hi @Anna

There hasn’t been any changes here unfortunately.

We will be sure to update this thread if anything does change however.

Hi there , any update about multiple delivery addresses as yet?
we are launching two new businesses and this feature would be very important to extant that we will decide weather to use Quick file or a different accounting software.

urgent reply will be much appreciated.

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Hi @QFMathew

We would love to see an option to add a delivery address.

Currently we use the Additional Notes section to add the delivery address, or use the delivery address for the estimate and delivery note and then change to the invoicing address each time.

When sending out a dozen invoices every day with a different invoicing and delivery address, it’s extremely frustrating and time consuming!

This Feature is requested time and again, every year since 2015, and I’m sure there are many users who would love to see this feature added but haven’t commented.

Any chance this can be prioritised for 2024 please? Thanks

Hello @Tudor, just a note about using “Additional Notes” for including a delivery address, if you want to find an invoice by searching for a delivery address the “Additional Notes” box does not included in searches.

For inclusion in searches of delivery addresses our method is to convert the top line of an invoice in to a “comment line” and insert the delivery address which then allows for future lookup.

Hi when creating a new client can you add in the option of a delivery address, when this is different from the billing address. Whilst I try to remember to add this on upon new invoices (old customers) I have forgotten on this occasion and caused problems when delivering. I am confident that this would be an easy fix for quickfile to add to the client’s details.