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Delivery address / Site address on Sales Invoices


Continuing the discussion from Sales Invoice - Addressed to Primary Contact (Implemented):

This freehand version could be moved up to selecting from the list of stored client contact details to get a delivery/site address feature!

At the moment only fields; first name, surname, first contact number, second contact number, email address are available for each Client Contact

But this Client Contact details card could also include a delivery/site address, department, etc.

If these details could be called twice, once for invoice address (with default) and once for (additional address box) delivery/site address as described and put on the invoice/estimate form with additional notes/payment terms.

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Well that is very good so that total for that customer in one not individual invoice you will have chase…


Is there any news on the delivery address feature? Would be really handy for a few of my big clients as their accounting offices are separate from the delivery site.


Hi @Chippy

There are no updates at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update this thread if there is. Many of the features we add or develop further are based on demand within the QuickFile community.


Hi well I could do with delivery address column too if irs update i have client with multiple services point.


yes i would vote this +1 as we could really do with a delivery address option.


work around that works here, is use the “Invoice/Estimate Name” as short form address (site ref.) - not enough space to include complete address but using first line of address with postcode or locale creates sales records that can be searched by site address.


yes this would be a useful feature any chance of this being implemented


@alan_mcbrien Perfect

Just what we need. QF Please add a feature for an additional address. Thanks


Please add delivery address option for invoices
Regards paul


We would like to see this too.