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Delivery Note design

I have been trying to change the default Delivery Note becasue my logo overlaps other details and I have successfully designed an invoice layout that I ma happy with. I cannot understand how I can save my amendments in the css editor to a custom location so that I can point the program to this. Can anyone please lend a hand as this is becoming very time-consuming.

Hi @Bharat

Have you managed to save the CSS as an invoice design in your account? This would be done through the invoice design gallery.

Hi Mathew - yes I did and now I have managed to successfully create an acceptable delivery note design based on my invoice layout by copying some of the latter’s details and overwriting into the standard delivery css parameters. It was very time-consuming and exhausting, but I think I have done it properly (??). Thank you for responding…

Great to hear you’ve got it working. If you do encounter any further issues, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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