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Delivery note financial information

Hi I have been using the demo version over the weekend to see if QF will adopt to my business, so far it looks like it will but with a bit of additional help. the invoice template is coming along quite well after two days of effort not being a CSS programmer.
however I have one client that like the prices shown on their delivery notes (non standard request). the totals box has been made visible but the individual figures are not! is there some additional lines of code needed to adopt this feature?

any help or template would be appreciated also will I have to re-write/modify the templates again when I have the package or can I copy and paste the code from my demo version into the working one?

Thanks Phil

Hi @Phillee

This should certainly be possible, but it would apply to all delivery notes, not just one particular client.

How much of the price did you want to show - just the net, or the VAT too?

Are you only using QuickFile for test data at the moment? You can reset it and remove all client/supplier data. I believe this leaves the CSS template in place (but always good to have a backup!). You can just copy and paste this.

Thanks Mathew
I would like to display Net prices and quantity but if the vat column is active it wouldn’t matter (would there be an option to hide the columns in the code area if all were added?)
for clients who do not want the figures shown I cam use the template I have now on a temporary basis

my accountant has set up my demo but if i’m correct in my understanding the demo would become active once signed up and I would just delete the individual clients/records (used for testing) leaving behind my own company templates and begin live filing of real business data.

Another way of doing this that might be easier than switching templates is maybe just use the invoice as a delivery note for that client and just add a custom footer with a signature/date option?

where can I copy a block of code from to add this option into an invoice template. id prefer to have a separate del. note though.
hoping to have a live account running by next week so the right templates will really help me start on the right foot.

I’d probably just copy it from the delivery note if you want it to be the same, although formatting might need to be changed to make it fit, at which point as there isn’t much to it it’s probably easier to just make your own signature panel.

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