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'Delivery Note' for purchase order please

Is there any chance just like the delivery note print out for sale, we could have a ‘delivery note’ for purchases. This would be very helpful for checking goods into the building against our purchase order (good practice).

Kind regards,

Hi @JBond,

A purchase delivery note is usually supplied with the goods that are being received. It is not something that you would generate yourself.

Not all that uncommon actually. We do it when we have various staff booking in goods. Means that we get to see any shortages and missing items as a suppliers delivery note will only list what has been delivered, not what wasn’t!

This would probably be better as a feature request.

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Hi @QFBeth
Yes, but for due diligence, it is good to check an order off against our purchase orders, but I don’t want prices on it.

It’s also standard practice and in most cases, especially with steel, you need to do this in order to comply with compliance standards.

@Lurch I thought that’s what I did.
Can it be changed to a feature request? @QFBeth

If you already have it set up for sales, would it not be fairly straight forward to also do this for purchases?