Delivery Note - logo & info clashing in header

The delivery note feature is a great tool. We have a slight issue in that when we view in ‘Delivery Note’ mode, the logo and information grid are moved to the top right and are on top of each other. I have tried using different invoice templates but this doesn’t seem to resolve the issue. Is there anyway this can be resolved?

I have attached an image showing our header both as INVOICE and as DELIVERY NOTE, which hopefully demonstrates the issue. Thanks.

Hi @Neil_Freshwater,

To move your logo you will need to use CSS.

There is are guides for this here: Creating delivery notes

and 10 basic CSS tricks for styling your invoices

We can probably help you fix that if you’re not familiar with CSS. If you send us a private message here with your account details we’ll take a look.

Thanks - that would be helpful :slight_smile:

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