Delivery note - logo overlapped by date,number, etc

On delivery note at the moment company logo is overlapped by boxes “issue date, quotation number, etc”.

  1. How do I move these boxes lower?
  2. Can I remove some of the boxes (I actually need delivery date and quotation number to be visible on delivery note)
  3. Can I remove
    "Goods received in good condition by:
    Name (block capitals):
    Date: "?
  4. Can I add a footer with company number, VAT etc?
  5. Is it possible to create a delivery note which includes some of items from invoice/quote (when items from invoice are delivered in two or more shipments)?

Hello @tavina

You would need to use a bit of CSS to edit the positioning of the boxes (and remove some other details too).

There’s more information on customising the delivery note here: Creating delivery notes

The information is pulled from the invoice itself. Similar with the items shown, if it’s on the invoice, it’s on the delivery note. Currently there isn’t a way to hide selected items.

You need to increase the “top” value for the .invoice-details-tbl.

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