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Hello, I’m helping a friend get started with Quickfile and I need to try and adapt the delivery notes template to more of a “Job Sheet” that he can give to his engineers and his customers can then sign.

I can’t see where the template is for editing. On the knowledgebase it says:

“you can create your own custom CSS template from the invoice preview screen. You can find many useful tips on how to utilise CSS here .”

But there is no link on the word “here” and when you preview an invoice, there is no way to edit the template? Please can you point me in the right direction as to where I might find the delivery note template and if it’s possible to change some of the wording such as “I confirm that we are satisfied with the work carried out on this visit” rather than “Goods received in good condition by:” and a free text box so that engineers can be given instructions as to what to do on site.

Thanks in advance


To implement your own custom delivery note template you would first need to go to any invoice preview screen, open the invoice style gallery (green button) then click the orange bar to open the CSS editor. Customise it as you need and save it with a name like delnote.

You then need to enter that name in the account settings >> advanced features screen:

Now revert your invoice template back to the original design. When you switch on the Delivery Note view it will adopt the template you’ve saved in the advanced features screen.

If you send me a private message with your account details, I can set you up with a dummy template, so all you need to do then is edit the template to fit your needs.

Thank you. Can you let me know your direct message details and I will message you from his account. Thanks


I’ve just sent you a private message, look in the top right of the forum for a green notification warning. You can reply privately there.

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