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Delivery notes not displaying with Invoice style

I’ve created a custom style for my invoices but when I view as delivery note, it doesn’t follow the same style. Most of the forum links which suggest they may help go to non-existant pages…??
Can anyone help please.

Hi andythornton,
I don’t usually use this feature but I created a delivery note from one of my invoices and it looks like more or less than the invoice with all my custom styles. The only thing that looks different is the invoice detail container on the right hand-side. This container moves a little up just below the logo. But that is absolutely fine because it is a delivery note. Could you may tell what exactly looks different on your delivery note in comparison to your invoice style?

I’d suggest that your invoice style is broadly similar to the included styles, so delivery notes don’t appear to differ greatly for you.
My custom style for invoices rearranges the header items differently from any default style, among many spacing settings. Left to right, it goes ‘INVOICE’, ‘MY ADDRESS’, ‘LOGO CONTAINER’. All this is lost when viewed as delivery note, but is retained for estimates. It’s also lost for statements so I’m currently only managing to view half my documents as I wanted.
I’ll try make screenshots.

Ok, I’ve worked this out.
It’s a process of combining parts of your own custom invoice style .css with parts of the default delnote.css, saving as a new style called delnote.css, then changing the path in ‘advanced settings’ to custom/delnote.css

A delivery note has its own style sheet ( but related to your invoice style) which you can not separately customise. It is not 100% the same because it is a delivery note. At the moment there is no way to separately modify it, I think. But I can see that your logo is to big that is the reason why your invoice detail container is partly over your logo. You can change the size of your logo in invoice customisation or in the css editor.

To your other question
When viewing the delivery note, there’s a message above it in red highlight saying ’ You’ve applied a temporary style to this document. [To remove it click here]’. Clicking it just returns to invoice view…???

It is a kind of a draft. If you click on the red bar it removes the delivery note draft from the invoice. At the bottom is the option to save the draft to your invoice. If you click ‘back’ in your browser it will also be saved to the invoice. To avoid this because you don’t want the delivery note linked to the invoice they created this red bar that everybody can see this straight away.

Edit: You may can customise your delivery note. Please read here

I hope this helps

The default delnote.css may not be directly customised, but as mentioned in my last reply, I’ve used some of it and some of my own style to create what I need. Doing so, I can accomodate my logo size without problems.
As for the statement layout issues, I have added some customising in the advanced design section Advanced CSS & HTML Customisation which tidies things up.
Thanks for your input.

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You are welcome :grinning:, andythonton

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