Delivery Notes & Parcel Address Print Out

Have been using quickfile for 3 months now, works great for me.
My only problem is that I have to manually create delivery notes and address printouts for parcels.

I showed QF to someone the other day and got the same feedback.

Mixed feelings on this myself, would be useful but we will have to run a separate stock control/inventory system anyway so that can do address labels and delivery notes.

Sadley I’m think going to move over to quickbooks for this reason.
Can I ask what stock control/inventory system you use?

Currently it’s a semi manual process. I can’t find anything sensible that does what I want so I think it will be something internally coded by ourselves.

We don’t have a need for loads of fancy features but there are a couple of critical things we need an inventory system to do, such as split packs, which doesn’t seem to be available or work well in most pieces of inventory software without going to ridiculously overpriced enterprise systems. Believe it or not the best piece of inventory software I have found to date is some freeware DOS program that was produced in the 80’s!

I’m pleased to confirm that we now support the printing of Delivery Notes. You can find out more about this feature here:

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