Demo model

Just been asked by a possible client that he would like to see a demo model of your software but I cant see how I can do this without having the client see some of my own clients data to show him around the software to see if he wants to use this or not.
have you got a demo with demo email and password to show some data in so he can play with the software as this will help him plus it will be a good training tool for bookkeepers to show clients how the software really work.if this is possible could you send me a link.many thanks

Hi @jhanks1170

We don’t currently have a demo account, but providing you have access to an email address, you’re more than welcome to set up a secondary account for that purpose.

Plus, providing it remains in the XS, S or M bands, then they will continue to be free.

I would need some data in the software its a shame you don’t have this so clients can see how it works

We don’t have any dummy data, but the great thing about being able to just set up an account, is you can enter your own data into QuickFile and see how it works exactly for your own business, rather than trying to work with the data we have available.

As I mentioned above, you’re more than welcome to set up a test account - it works in the same way as a standard account does, so you can customise invoices, input clients, suppliers, bank transactions etc. to see how everything works.

I set up a ‘training’ account so that I could show clients and fellow business owners just how easy it is to use. I have the usual suspects as clients/suppliers - Mickey Mouse Bugs Bunny Goofy etc! I’ve also just deleted the data on this to work out a specific project for a client (property letting agent!)

Have you still got that data which I could use please that be a great help if you can if you downloaded the data i can upload this into another demo model to use.Many thanks,if you can I pass on my email address

Sorry I missed your message back to me. I don’t have the data sorry. I had deleted it to work on another set of number for a letting agent. If you have a ‘spare’ e-mail address then set it up on quickfile and use that to make up accounts