Deposit amount on invoice


I was wondering if it would be possible to add a box onto the invoice format that would allow you to input a deposit amount due, for instance if quote amount is £1000 and 20% deposit required before starting work then an option where the total is shown that just states amount payable (20%) - £200 as have had a few people who haven’t read the attached email and click straight through to quote/invoice.

I know you have the option to add this if accepting payments through a payment provider but 99% of people choose to pay me via bank transfer rather than debit/credit card (mainly due to the added % they charge) and just means i have to ask for the payment amount seperately, not the end of the world but just a little bit neater and more streamlined if the deposit option could be added.



Hi @tocaelectrical

Thank you for your suggestion. We will leave this thread open for others to add their comments, and we can certainly take a look if there’s enough interest from the QuickFile community.

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I would also find this useful as most of my customers pay by bank transfer and it does mean detailing how much they need to pay for their deposit in an email.

I would also be interested in a way of invoicing a deposit in this way

Very interested in a sales deposit feature.

I would be very interested in this feature and so would the company that i work for.

Im not sure how we will be able to get a deposit if using QF? Can i send an Estimate with a supplementary booking for and an invoice for the deposit? then when paid i could record the deposit on the estimate and then convert to invoice for the total… Would this work?


Is there any update on adding this deposit amount as an option to the bottom of estimates and invoices?

Hi @tocaelectrical

There are no updates to this. We will update this thread should this change.

Hi, I too am interested in streamlining the deposit process.
At the moment I create a deposit invoice with a comments box describing the full job and costs. However this is not neat or clear when it is a complex job. (and in fact I have to make a word document separately to use as QF is not viable for our needs in this matter)
I know we can take a pre-payment on a full invoice but as far as I can tell the invoice wouldn’t state deposit amount which would have to be stated in a covering email, which again can be problematic for record keeping and when people don’t read cover emails.
Really hope you can think of a way to help us in this.

I definitely would love this as a feature, its a bit confusing for some clients as the due date is not the due date of the deposit and writing 25% deposit due in the description line does not have much of an effect.

Also the feature of clicking one button to send out overdue reminders does not work if the deposit is overdue but the balance due date has not yet occured.

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Not a normal requirement for us but the support of deposits / stage payments is a definite gap in QF.

The way that I would invoice this sort of situation would be to raise an invoice for the deposit and a second invoice for the FULL amount above a subtotal followed by a negative line for the deposit.

A bit messy to do manually in any quantity but its the clearest way that I can think of.

Hi, I’m still looking for neater ways to present invoices with deposits. Would also like a way that keeps the full invoice in debtors control report.

At present we invoice for full amount with extra text boxes and lines to show 80% is due later with a negative amount leaving the 20% deposit as amount due.
We then issue second invoice with total amount with line for negative amount for deposit paid. It works but can be confusing for customer as second invoice has that box at the bottom stating amount paid which many assume would show the deposit paid. This process also means total invoice does not appear on our debtors control reports as the deposit invoice gets fully paid up.

I see that the online portal allows customers to make partial payments, however our customers do not use the online portal.

I don’t quite understand how the QF feature voting system works - how can I encourage other QF users to vote for this feature?

Is this feature of a deposit line in sales invoices even close to being considered?

Thank you for any follow up on this feature.

I would appreciate this feature too. We as a wedding supplier issue a deposit invoice for services booked, then invoice the rest nearer the date of the wedding, which can be a year or 2 later.


Hi there i would appreciate this feature also.

I would love this too. As a magician I take a deposit of say 20% then later on invoice for the remaining. At the moment i invoice the deposit then have to invoice again and remember to take the amount of. I write in the notes the deposit paid.
I have tried a method I saw mentioned to add the deposit paid to account then part pay the main invoice with that. But that marks the deposit invoice as unpaid…

I would like to add another voice asking for this. I often have to take deposits for projects and it’s a pain having to shuffle stuff around to make things line up correctly.

Hi @RobbGG

You can add your vote by clicking “Vote” at the top of the thread

This would certainly be a useful feature and something I’ve been looking for.